A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Changes to the Blog

Just a quick note that I've "rearranged" the blog a bit.  On the top of the home page, the tabs are now a bit different.  

4th Graders will have particular interest in the "Recorder Resources" tab.  There they will find the links to joytunes.com, fingering charts, and music for their different bead levels.  

The "Elementary Chapel" tab will have information concerning upcoming chapel dates or assemblies.  Check here to find the video links for the upcoming week's chapel. 

The tab named "Special Programs and Events" will have information concerning performances, like the Christmas and Grandparents' Day programs, or events, like the Christmas Sing-a-Long.  

And finally, the "Etc" tab has various thing such as instructions on how to make a Yarn Ball, info about Mrs. Krejci, and my contact info.  

I'm really trying to make this blog the "hub" of FPD Elementary Music!  You are always welcome to come out and visit a class or two :)

Mrs. K

Third Grade "Listens" to the Instruments

In 3rd grade, we have been focusing on instrument technique, rhythms, and Rondo form.  We hit upon all three of these topics with our song "Listen."  Each instrument section was featured--rhythm instruments, glockenspiels, xylophones,metallophones, and voice.  Each student got to play 5 different instruments in one day--something that makes them, AND their teacher, very happy!!  It was so great for me to be able to set up enough instruments for everyone to get to play, and it is a huge blessing to have to space to do it.  This set-up and lesson is an Orff-based music teacher's dream!  Thank you for letting me get to sing, play, and create with your students!  

The Wee Vikings come to Sing and Play

The Wee Vikings, our 3Ks at FPD, are so excited to come to music.  This week, we played some xylophones and explored high sounds and low sounds.  We got to play with a song called "All the Leaves are Falling Down."  It is so fun to teach these little ones and be with them for some of their very first musical experiences!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Engine, Engine Number 9

In Kindergarten last week we learned a new song called "Engine, Engine Number 9."  We learned about moving our bodies to the steady beat while pretending to be a train.  We also added some instruments.  We used our "Big Daddy" C Contra Bass Bar and an Alto Xylophone.  All the kids got a chance to play the instruments and practice the correct techniques.  It was quite an adventure!  Here are some pictures of instrument players and singers.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Solo Singing in 2nd Grade

I tricked the kids this week.  Please don't give away my secret!  We learned a new song I call "Viking, Viking."  It's a greeting song, in which someone asks a person a question.  The person answers back in song--all on his or her own!  I know solo singing can be scary for some of us, so my trick was to use my supply of animal puppets.  Each student picked an animal and used his or her own singing voice to "be" the animal's voice.  They got to pretend and I got to assess singing abilities.  We also were able to add in some mallet parts.  It was such a sweet lesson to teach and observe.  It was fun to see the kids use their imaginations and to sing without fear.

Here are some photos  and a video from one class this week.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

4th Grade Recorders

The 4th graders received their recorders this week.  We learned to play our very first note in class together!  We learned that good recorder playing requires two things: 1)Steamy Air and 2) Holey Fingers.  Ask a 4th grader about birthday candle air versus fogging up a window air.  

There is a free website that I showed to the kids in class they can use at home to practice recorder.  It makes practice into a game!  All you need is a computer with internet connection, a microphone, and a recorder.  It's called "Recorder Master" and is available at Joytunes.com You can click the "play for free" button here and play on the website.  You can play as a guest without making an account, but your progress is not saved.  There is also an app version of the game for the iPad, however, it does cost $1.99. 

Here are some pictures of 4th graders putting their recorders together for the very first time.  It was sort of like Christmas morning in the music room :)