A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Monday, February 1, 2016

How to Sign Up for Quaver at Home!

Quaver Music is a phenomenal music education curriculum that we use here at FPD.  We have videos of Quaver, the quirky music store owner and music laboratory mad genius.  We use SmartBoard enriched activities to learn songs, rhythms, solfege, recorder pieces, and on and on.  The student section of the website has been updated to include several games, music theory lessons, and even play at home recorder pieces.  Here is how to sign up for a free account! There is also an app for smartphone, iPod, or tablets called "QStudent." Students can download the free app and log on with their same computer log-in and access these materials a second way. 

2) Click on "Sign Up"
3) Create a username and password you can remember.  Put in the fpdmusic@gmail.com email address for sign-up (This is monitored by Mrs. Krejci) OR use a parent's email. Check gender box and the Agree box. 

4) You'll be asked if you have a "Special Quaver Code."  You need to email Mrs. Krejci and ask for this code.  Put "Secret Code" in the Subject line. Write your name and your grade in the body of the message.  I'll send you back a 6 digit code to type in here.  This allows you access to more student games.  

5) And now you can begin creating!  Click on your Avatar to change clothes, hair, shoes, and more!  Click on the "Student" tab to be taken to all student content.  Click on the "Student Interactives" to be taken directly to the apps. 

Mrs. Krejci ran into Quaver at a Music Teacher conference last week.  He has a special message for the kids at FPD!