A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Sunday, January 26, 2014

American Folksongs

Our Grandparents' Day Music Program is coming at the end of March 2014.  This year's theme is one I am very excited about--Traditional American Folksongs.  This music encompass many styles, genres, decades, geographical locations, and historical events of our country.  The students will be learning music that has been passed down from generation to generation. Think of these as "songs everyone should know."  

Second-grade students have been hard at work learning the song and dance to "Alabama Gal."  We've talked about how a long time ago, kids didn't have computers, video games, or TV to entertain themselves.  They had to create and invent their own fun!  This song is from the Play Party tradition; kids would get together, sing, and do choreographed dances to the songs.  I think the kids have really enjoyed learning this one!

Partners sashay down the alley

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Music Detectives

In 2nd grade this week the students figured out the rhythm and pitches to an old favorite, "Lucy Locket."  First, we figured out the rhythms of the song. We used rhythm sticks on the carpet to show the rhythm. Then, we figured out the pitches using Solfege--so, mi, and la.  We then transferred those pitches to the Boomwhackers and sang the Solfege names. You'll see this in the first video below. Then, we finally added in the words of "Lucy Locket."  In the second video you'll see the completed version.  As a reward for their detective skills, the students got to play a fun passing game while singing the song!  

Using Solfege (So, La, and Mi) to sing the song with the rhythms we notated on the carpet.

Finally!  We get to put the words back in to the song after all our "detective" work. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

4th Grade Recorders--New Songs Added!

The 4th graders have really impressed me with their recorder skills this year!  I just posted the next belt levels.  Remember, these songs and all the belt levels are posted under the "Recorder Resources" tab.  I can't wait to debut the Black Belt and a few "challenge" belts--be on the look out for those in the next few weeks!

Blue Belt
What note does this song start on??

Purple Belt
What is the first note?  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Video Uploading Tutorial for Teacher In-Service

  • Make a Video
    • I use my iPhone or my iPad.  You can use your tablet, but I find it easier to hold a smaller device.
    • Email to yourself and save to your computer (H drive.)
  • Sign in to YouTube 
    • If you have Blogger and/or Gmail, this is the same account info.
  • Click "Upload"
    • Select Video from where you saved it on your computer.
    • After it's processed, copy the URL provided to the video.
    • You can alter the security settings on your Video Manager page.
  • In your blog post, click on the Production Board Icon in the tool bar.
    • Select "My YouTube Videos" and select the one you want.

  • Or, you make a hyperlink to the video's page. (You can do this with any video or page you'd like to link to anywhere on the internet, also.) 
  • You can click on the Production Board and simply add a video from your computer.
    •  I find the video quality is never as good as linking to YouTube, and I oftentimes run into errors uploading.  
    • Sometimes the videos I upload are not able to be viewed by others on the blog.  
  • Right now, there is not a way to upload videos to the blog direct from the App.