A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Video Uploading Tutorial for Teacher In-Service

  • Make a Video
    • I use my iPhone or my iPad.  You can use your tablet, but I find it easier to hold a smaller device.
    • Email to yourself and save to your computer (H drive.)
  • Sign in to YouTube 
    • If you have Blogger and/or Gmail, this is the same account info.
  • Click "Upload"
    • Select Video from where you saved it on your computer.
    • After it's processed, copy the URL provided to the video.
    • You can alter the security settings on your Video Manager page.
  • In your blog post, click on the Production Board Icon in the tool bar.
    • Select "My YouTube Videos" and select the one you want.

  • Or, you make a hyperlink to the video's page. (You can do this with any video or page you'd like to link to anywhere on the internet, also.) 
  • You can click on the Production Board and simply add a video from your computer.
    •  I find the video quality is never as good as linking to YouTube, and I oftentimes run into errors uploading.  
    • Sometimes the videos I upload are not able to be viewed by others on the blog.  
  • Right now, there is not a way to upload videos to the blog direct from the App.  

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