A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What is Orff-Schulwerk?

I know many of you have heard that I teach from an "Orff-based approach."  German composer, Carl Orff developed this approach to music education.  I like to think of it as a whole mind and whole body way to learn music.  The American Orff Schuwelrk Association (AOSA) recently produced some videos that are glimpses into the Orff process.  The first video is about 2 minutes long, and is a final performance of an Orff creation.  The second video is a 7 minute look at the classroom instruction behind the performance, as well as teacher commentary.  I think these are very well done, and a great visual of what we "DO" as Orff teachers.  

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