A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Recorder Resources


"Amazing Grace" 

Recorder Information

Every 4th grade student will receive a Angel Halo brand Soprano Recorder.  These are purchased by FPD for the students, so belong to the students.  These recorders are real, high quality musical instruments.  Students sometimes see "toy" recorders for sale in toy sections at stores, but those are no where near the level of their Angel recorders.  

Recorder Procedures

Students will be allowed to take their recorders home in order to practice.  They MUST bring the recorder back each week to music class.   suggest that the students have the recorder "live" in their backpacks.  After practicing at home, pack it up and put it back in the backpack.  That way, it will always make it back to school.  However your student wants to handle taking the recorder home is fine, but it must be with them in class.

For the occasional "Oops...I forgot my recorder" that we all make, I will have a few class recorders that can be loaned out for a day.  They will be sanitized after each use.  In the even that a students loses his/her recorder, a new one will have to be purchased through Mrs. Krejci at the cost of $6.  The specific brand of recorder we use is only available through one music company, that's why Mrs. Krejci needs to do the ordering

If there is enough interest, I may do an additional recorder order later in the fall. Should a student would want to purchase a second recorder to keep at home and leave the other one at school, those could be ordered through Mrs. Krejci at that time.  Again, the cost would be $6. 

Practicing at Home

We will be working our way through an interactive recorder method called Recorder Karate. We will work on this in class, but students can access all the music on this blog.  Students are able to advance to different levels (or "karate belts") by playing different songs proficiently.  Here is where the benefit of practicing at home outside of the music class comes into play--students that are very motivated will be able to move at a much faster pace.  Or, students that need extra time to pass a belt level will be able to work independently on their playing skills.  

****HERE IS THE LINK for RECORDER MASTER!***! This is a fun recorder playing game that students can play at home! 

Recorder Karate Belt Levels
Click on the name of each song for the music!  You can practice right on the computer or print it out. 

Did you forget how to play a note? CLICK HERE FOR A FINGERING CHART that shows you how to play all the notes you need! 

It's in the BAG--Red Belt

Hot Cross Buns--Orange Belt

Mary's Lamb--Yellow Belt  

Au Claire de la Luna--Green Belt 

Pease Porridge--Blue Belt 

It's Raining--Purple Belt 

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