A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Good King Leopold in Kindergarten

The pictures of the crowns show the students long and short sounds--the rhythm-- of the song.  This is a beginning step in reading musical notation for the kindergartners! 

In Kindergarten music classes, we spend a lot of time exploring!  This singing game is a fun way to explore our voices and different ways to move.  This song is called "Good King Leopold."  Students learn to sing to the "king," and then the "king" gets to solo sing back to the whole group.  The "king" assigns a request to the students--they must ask their question in a singing voice, a speaking voice, or a whisper voice.  When the "king" grants their request, the students travel across the "kingdom," moving in a different way each time.  We used movement words like march, jump, tiptoe, and walk to travel with.  This singing game also allows me as the teacher to assess each child on their ability to solo sing and match pitch.  Pitch matching is a vital skill acquired in these younger years!  Below are a few pictures and videos of a kindergarten class in action early this month.  

Good King Leopold in his "royal throne" listening to his "subjects" sing! 

The "royal subjects" singing to King Leopold for permission to cross the kingdom

King Leopold and the royal subjects singing

King Leopold singing the solo instructions

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