A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Majoring on the Minor

Cool days, dark nights, leaves in the air--what a perfect time of year to learn about minor tonality!  In 2nd grade we sang the song "Pass the Pumpkin."  This song has great minor sounds in it.  We talked about minor sound being "sad, eerie, and spooky."  Major sounds are "happy, bright, and joyful."  After learning the song, we played the instrument parts and the passing game.  Here is a picture and a video of one class performing the whole thing. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Chapel Songs

Check out the "Elementary Chapel" tab for links to the songs for our next chapel on Monday, October 21st!

Christmas Time's a' Coming!

I know, I know.  It seems WAY too early to be talking about the Christmas program!  However, we have started working on the music for the program in classes this week.  The title of this year's program is "Christmas Eve at the Cabin."  The story is about a group of children who are gathered at a snowy mountain cabin for a family reunion.  We join them in their festivities on Christmas Eve, right before going to sleep.  Songs will include some Christmas favorites like "Jingle Bells" and  "Away in a Manger, " as well as some newer, soon-to-become favorites.  

For the costume, this year all children will wear pajamas (or pajama-like outfits, such as sweatpants and a t-shirt.)  There is no need to purchase pajamas for the program--they do not have to be Christmas themed or anything special.  Christmas-themed is ok, but NOT required.  I will send out more info in the following weeks regarding the pajamas, but I just wanted to give parents a heads-up, as your kids will probably come home talking about them soon! 

The FPD Elementary Christmas Program will be at 1pm and 7pm on Thursday, December 12th in the auditorium.  This program involves all children in grades 1st-5th.  Please invite your family, neighbors, and friends!  It will be sure to be a bright spot in your Christmas Season!

Questions?  Please contact Mrs. Krejci!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kitties, Pumpkins, and Scarecrows--Oh My!

October kicks off my favorite time of year to teach music.  The changes in the weather, the rich smells, and the excitement of fall activities all find their place in the music room.  It is also so easy to tap into our imaginations this time of year.  With the younger Vikings (3K-K), we've been singing songs, playing instruments, and using movement to explore some of these fall themes. 

This week I went to visit our wonderful Downtown FPD campus.  I get to teach music to them twice a month, and it is such a treat for me!  This week, we moved like scarecrows swaying in the wind, we picked up heavy pumpkins, and we got to scold a disobedient kitty--all through song, of course!  Here are a few pictures of music with Downtown this week.  We meet in the beautiful children's music room of First Presbyterian Church.  

We used the drums and our voices to tell our naughty  kitty to "scat" after he got in the butter!

Showing off our very heavy pumpkins that we "picked off the vine"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chapel Begins!

Note: This information is also posted on the "Elementary Chapel" tab

We had an awesome first chapel at the Lower School last Monday.  We sang "Every Move I Make" and "Never Give Up."  Dr. Chase spoke to us about how to follow Jesus and stick close to Him.  Then, we had a special visit from AC Pup and learned that we can show kindness to animals. 

Our next chapel is MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th at 8:30am.  We have some high school friends who will be sharing the message with us that day.  Also, the 5th grade chorus members are hard at work on a brand new worship song.  Below, are the links to the 3 songs we will sing in worship at our next chapel.  (Note: the links are to Youtube videos.)