A look inside Music at FPD

A look inside Music at FPD

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quaver Kids' Website

In music class, we watch Quaver, the quirky Music Store Owner teach us about various topics--from steady beat, to instrument families, to music styles.  There are Quaver songs and learning activities we use in the classroom.  But, there is also a whole world of Quaver games and music activities that kids can use at home!

Students can log on to our free FPD account, or they can make their own account at home. It's free to register and free to use.  It's simply for their enjoyment and learning--Mrs. Krejci does not have access to their own individual accounts.  

Go to www.quavermusic.com and enter the info below to use our shared account! (Note: it might kick you out if more than one person is trying to log on at a time--another great reason to create your own account!) 
Username: fpdmusic
Password: govikings

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